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Long-lost Kingman motel sign resurfaces

A long-lost neon sign from the defunct Brandin’ Iron Motel on Route 66 in Kingman, Ariz., resurfaced on eBay this week.

The seller, based in Mesa, Ariz., says the sign had been in storage in Kingman for 40 years. The 16-by-9-foot sign’s tubing doesn’t work but remains mostly intact.

Starting price is $2,495, and the auction ends Saturday.

According to Joe Sonderman’s book, “Route 66 in Arizona,” the Brandin’ Iron Motel opened in 1953. The motel was demolished remodeled in 2001, and apartments were built on the site. Jim Hinckley’s book, “The Route 66 Encyclopedia,” says access to the motel was restricted when Route 66 was widened through town. It closed in the 1990s, Hinckley said.

Whether the sign had been in storage that long can’t be verified. However, it’s apparent it’s been gone for about 15 years, at least.

Here’s a postcard, postmarked 1969, of the motel from the Illinois Digital Archives.

(Hat tip: Wes Dornsief)


2 thoughts on “Long-lost Kingman motel sign resurfaces

  1. langoleer

    Yup..that’s what I thought, it’s right across 66 from the
    El Trovatore and the exterior has been rebuilt in the adobe style.

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