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Revival of Route 66 Pulse newspaper planned

The long-dormant Route 66 Pulse newspaper will be revived in digital form soon, then in print later this summer, publisher Jim Conkle said in an email Friday.

Part of the email from Conkle at jimconkle(at)

We are looking for stories, photos and news worthy events to share with our readers.

Of course we are also looking for advertisers.

Let me also introduce you to Steve Pastis who is assisting me, tell the truth he is doing all the work, in making the Pulse again your source of news from the past, present and future.

We of course want to hear from those of you that have ides, suggestions and even advice on how we can make the Pulse a success.

No we are NOT replacing any of the blogs, current sources for news (in fact we use them too) or web sites that promote the road. Instead we will be promoting them.

Thanks to all of you that kept on me to bring the Route 66 Pulse back to life. I heard you.

Let’s make this another GREAT year for the road.

After launching in mid-2006, the quarterly Route 66 Pulse newspaper, with a peak circulation of 30,000 copies, ceased publication in the fall of 2008. Lack of advertising and the immense costs of distributing thousands of copies on 2,200 miles of the Mother Road were cited in its demise. It was briefly revived in 2009 with an environmental tack, but that eventually ceased as well. A companion website stuck around for a few months after the newspaper stopped printing for good, then vanished as well.

Conkle later launched a video-based Route 66 Pulse TV channel on the Internet, but no new content has been produced there for more than a year.

I hold little doubt the Pulse can be revived on the Internet. Anyone with nominal computer skills and a WordPress account can start such a publication with almost no money — much like Route 66 News started in October 2005.

I remain skeptical the Pulse can be revived in print form. The issues that caused its demise — lack of advertising and hefty distribution costs — will remain big issues today. Disclosure: I turned down a managing editor job offer from the Route 66 Pulse shortly before it launched in 2006 because of such concerns.