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A great spot for a Route 66 selfie

Route 66 News reader Mark Nicklawske of Bangor, Maine, wanted to pass along a great spot to shoot a photo of a Route 66 landmark or a self-portrait, aka selfie, with your smartphone.

That landmark is the historic Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, Calif., which carries westbound Route 66 travelers to Los Angeles.

I’d always seen terrific photos of the Art Deco bridge taken from close to underneath the span, but never investigated how to get that angle. But Nicklawske, with the help of a friend, figured out how.

He wrote in an email, which I’ve edited slightly:

I’m attaching a picture taken by my cousin Chris Higgins, who lives in Pasadena. Chris took us underneath the 1913 Colorado  Blvd. bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges on the old Route 66. We discovered a fantastic place to photograph the bridge — an exposed sewer pipe and manhole. The spot is located just off North Arroyo Boulevard, which runs under the east end of the bridge. Adventurous photographers should park in a small lot north of the bridge, cross under the bridge and look for the exposed sewer pipe and manhole sticking out from the river bank. Your readers will find it a great perch for a “selfie.”

Here’s a map that will help you get close to that spot:

View Larger Map

I’m sure Scott Piotrowski, who’s an expert on all things about Route 66 in Los Angeles County, knows about the vantage point. But now that I have it, I’m passing it along.

(Image courtesy of Mark Nicklawske)


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