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Go down memory lane to the Rock Cafe April 3, 2014

Posted by Ron Warnick in People, Restaurants.
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This video about the Rock Cafe in Stroud, Okla., by Jack Frank’s Tulsa Films is 10 years old, but a lot has happened since then.

The Rock Cafe was nearly destroyed by fire a few years later (and rebuilt), and owner Dawn Welch’s little girl, Alexis, is now college age. And the restaurant started to get really crowded in 2006 after the “Cars” movie was released.

Rock Cafe in Stroud from [email protected] on Vimeo.

The weird part is owner Dawn Welch is apparently ageless.

(Image of the Rock Cafe sign by Pete Zarria via Flickr)


1. DynoDave - April 4, 2014

Interesting. I’ve been wondering what’s up with the Rock for a while. I know Dawn had talked about selling it and moving on to something new in her life. Does she still own the Rock, intend to sell, etc?

2. Dawn Welch - May 3, 2014

That’s because I’m a vampire.

3. Dana Abbott - June 1, 2014

Dawn, what’s up with the Rock, and what are you doing these days? We missed you in 2012 (Aug 1) while driving Rt 66 Chi-LA in our twin Corvettes, was hoping to drive through in July again this summer, but then find out you and the Rock may have parted company? I wanted to have the Jagerschnitzel and Spaetzle and say hi. “As the world goes speeding towards red and green…” is the way we like to take our road trips, and a good outlook on life. Hope to hear more of your adventures, and also hope things are bright for you.

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