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New Pontiac business sells Route 66 memorabilia and classic cars

It’s common to find a new business on Route 66 selling memorabilia from the Mother Road. But Octane 66 in Pontiac, Ill., has started something more unusual — it’s also selling classic cars so travelers can cruise Route 66 in style.

David Ehresman opened Octane 66 in April at  829 N. Ladd St. in Pontiac (map here), on the 1926-1945 alignment of Route 66 in town. The newer, post-World War II alignment is just a block or so west.

According to an article in the Pontiac Daily Leader:

“This is going to be a Route 66 attraction, more than anything,” Ehresman explained. “We do have classic cars for sale and we also have different types of memorabilia, from gas pumps to classic refrigerators and anything else that is classic automobile related.”

Along with those items, antique globes that used to go above the gas pumps, as well as vintage license plates and porcelain signs will be available at Octane 66.

The Bloomington Pantagraph elaborated more on the business’ offerings:

A 1982 Pontiac Trans Am, 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle, 1947 Ford Special Deluxe and a 1968 Chrysler Imperial Crown are among the vehicles available. […]

Octane 66, which has three employees, also offers “anything that would remind you of being on the route 40 years ago,” Ehresman added.

Refrigerators from the 1940s, old license plates, gas station parts, soda machines, vinyl records, magazines from 1940-1960, comic books, car parts that can be used as wall art and old tin signs are among the items for sale at Octane 66.

There are other classic-car businesses along the Mother Road, most notably Country Classic Cars near Staunton, Ill. But I’m hard-pressed to thing of anyplace that sells old cars and an extensive collection of memorabilia.

You can look at Octane 66’s stuff for sale here. Its Facebook page is here.


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