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A section of old road in western Oklahoma

This is fun. Hunter Bachrach posted this video of driving on an older section of Route 66 in western Oklahoma.

This likely is the section east of Erick, that used to be part of a four-lane highway.

I suspect a local periodically takes a Brush Hog or snowplow to it. Every so often, it becomes nearly impassable because of fallen tree limbs and brush, then it’s open again.

The chatter in the video is worth hearing. His companion says: “The current (66) is over there, but we’re over here.” Hunter replies: “‘Cause it’s cooler over here.”


3 thoughts on “A section of old road in western Oklahoma

  1. Guiy Moore

    I love it. I believe that is a 1964 Buick. I remember driving that part of the road to Amarillo, August of 1964 and we were driving a 1964 Buick Wildcat.

  2. Doc

    sure would be nice to know where you could get on at
    maybe more would drive it
    will have to look the next time we are in Okie and try to find it

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