Blue Swallow Motel named a top 25 U.S. hotel by TripAdvisor

The Blue Swallow Motel of Tucumcari, New Mexico, recently was named one of the top 25 in the “Hotels with Exceptional Service — United States” category in 2014 by

The Blue Swallow was ranked No. 18 on the list and was the only Route 66 motel listed in that category. Of 822 ratings by travelers as of Thursday morning, 704 gave it an “excellent,” the highest mark.

Owners Kevin and Nancy Mueller said in an email they were thrilled with the award:

It continues to be a source of amazement, the chord that the Blue Swallow seems to strike with travelers. We are absolutely thrilled with the support we continue to receive from our guests, visitors, and the Route 66 community for this amazing adventure we are on. Every day brings something new!

Construction began on the Blue Swallow Motel in 1939. Lillian Redman, a former Harvey Girl, owned the Route 66 motel for almost 50 years. It’s been on the National Register of Historic Places since 1993.

Incidentally, one hotel of note — the Hotel California of Palm Springs — made both the U.S. and world rankings on TripAdvisor. And, yes, it bears a fair resemblance to the album cover of the Eagles’ landmark “Hotel California” LP, but I’m certain it’s not the real McCoy.

(Image of the Blue Swallow Motel by Jim Messersmith via Flickr)

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