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Skateboarding photographer takes a trip on Route 66

Matt Alberts, a skateboarder with a 19th-century camera, takes a trip on Route 66 with a few pals and a 1973 Airstream trailer.

They find abandoned swimming pools — including one I recognize as being at Two Guns, Arizona — and drainage ditches to do their work. They also produced this short film (warning: the skateboarders use adult language you might expect from skateboarders):

The Lifers Project Episode #1 | The Route 66 Collection from The Lifers Project on Vimeo.

More about Alberts’ retro photography can be found here.

More about The Lifers Project can be found at its Tumblr page.


One thought on “Skateboarding photographer takes a trip on Route 66

  1. xy47402

    This video has little to do with Route 66. It would have been more interesting had it focused on the photographer. The so-called “professional” skateboarders can go trundle into the sunset. The music by America was cool but inappropriate here. Instead of LIFERS, I have a better title: LAMERS. Get a life.

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