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Skateboarding photographer takes a trip on Route 66

Matt Alberts, a skateboarder with a 19th-century camera, takes a trip on Route 66 with a few pals and a 1973 Airstream trailer.

They find abandoned swimming pools — including one I recognize as being at Two Guns, Arizona — and drainage ditches to do their work. They also produced this short film (warning: the skateboarders use adult language you might expect from skateboarders):

The Lifers Project Episode #1 | The Route 66 Collection from The Lifers Project on Vimeo.

More about Alberts’ retro photography can be found here.

One thought on “Skateboarding photographer takes a trip on Route 66

  1. xy47402

    This video has little to do with Route 66. It would have been more interesting had it focused on the photographer. The so-called “professional” skateboarders can go trundle into the sunset. The music by America was cool but inappropriate here. Instead of LIFERS, I have a better title: LAMERS. Get a life.

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