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Car crashes into Webb City theater

A vehicle accidentally struck and damaged the box office of the Route 66 Movie Theater in downtown Webb City, Missouri, last weekend, according to a report in the Joplin Globe.

The newspaper said the driver hit the vehicle’s accelerator instead of the brake pedal. No one was injured, and the theater was able to continue operations, said general manager Lisa Daugherty.

Daugherty said the difficult part will be finding replacements for the glass bricks that made up most of the box office. Some of bricks were salvaged, but others had to be thrown away.

“Some of them were curved, and we weren’t able to save as many as you would need to rebuild it the way it was,” she said.

Nancy Hutson said she met with an insurance adjuster Wednesday and hopes to start rebuilding within a couple of weeks.

The theater posted a photo of the damage on its Facebook page.

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