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Nice neon addition, but is it vintage?

The Marty Rivers Building in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, recently touted the addition of a neon sign on its roof.

The building is on East Hobson Avenue and North Water Street in Sapulpa (map here), which sits one block north of Dewey Avenue, aka Route 66. A short story about the sign in the Sapulpa Daily Herald passed along the claim the “very vintage neon Mother Road sign” was from the 1930s and it hung at the Old Route 66 Cafe in nearby Bristow, Oklahoma. The newspaper said the sign was purchased in 1992, “was lovingly restored and awaited the right spot to place.”

Go here to see two photos of the sign being installed.

However, I’m skeptical the sign was designed in the 1930s. Its lettering and styling seems all-too-modern for something that would predate World War II. Based on the lettering style, it would say it was fabricated during the 1980s.

Also, I’ve found no records online anywhere about an Old Route 66 Cafe that existed in Bristow. There was an Old Route 66 Cafe in Adrian, Texas, which became better-known as the Bent Door. There also was an Old Route 66 Cafe in Tucumcari, New Mexico, during the 1980s. That’s it.