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Pigeon Museum in Oklahoma City holding grand opening

Signal Corps pigeon memorabilia

A new museum aimed at Route 66 travelers and other tourists is holding a grand opening Saturday in Oklahoma City — the American Pigeon Museum and Library.

The Oklahoman newspaper produced this video about it:

The newspaper said:

The museum and library will contain numerous photographs, paintings, trophies, artifacts, collectables and much more memorabilia. […]

Visitors during the two-day event will even be able to see and hold these special looking birds that they never knew were actually pigeons.

“The fancy birds look totally different than what their perception is of the bird,” Monteiro said pointing out examples on a painting behind her containing at least 100 unique breeds.

The museum is just off Interstate 44 (aka Route 66) in Oklahoma City (map here).

(Image of memorabilia at the American Pigeon Museum by Sheila Scarborough via Flickr)


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