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Harley begins Route 66 tour with its electric motorcycle

Harley-Davidson announced about a week ago it would begin a Route 66 tour with its Project LiveWire electric motorcycle — a prototype that’s not yet for sale.

Apparently the tour has begun. Although Harley’s website doesn’t have a schedule posted online, a photo was posted Tuesday of the motorcycles at the eastern beginning of Route 66 in Chicago:

And a tweet indicates the tour was in Kirkwood, Missouri, today:

And WGN-TV in Chicago also did this segment about the new motorcycle:

The video is helpful in that you learn a few things during the interview with the Harley rep:

  • The motorcycle’s top speed is 92 mph, but goes from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds.
  • The motorcycle gets about 60 miles on a charge, but Harley cautions it’s just a prototype — implying an actual production motorcycle would get more.
  • The motorcycle indeed sounds different, like a turbine, instead of the ultra-noisy “Hog” mufflers.

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