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Promotion offers free gas tomorrow at Essex station

Snickers candy bar is offering free gasoline on Thursday, July 3, at a station in the middle of the Mojave Desert on Route 66.

According to the news release:

SNICKERS® Brand is about to see how far people will go for the chance to get free fuel. Literally. […]

To help fuel Independence Day road trips and raise attention for the ongoing SNICKERS® Brand FUEL Game taking place at retailers nationwide throughout the driving season, today Mars Chocolate North America announced it will offer a special one-day-only giveaway of $20,000 in free cash-for-gas to road-trippers on Thursday, July 3. But there’s one condition – this unique promotion is available only at two of the most remote, hardest-to-reach gas stations in the entire country. One lies deep in the Mojave Desert and the other outside the South Dakota Badlands. If you can get there, SNICKERS® Brand believes that you truly deserve a chance to fill the tank.

Najah’s Desert Oasis (Essex, California) – A true oasis for travelers navigating the Southwest. Located along a desolate stretch of desert on historic Route 66, Najah’s Desert Oasis is the only gas station on a 40-mile stretch of road in one of the most unforgiving landscapes in the U.S.

The one-day-only giveaway will start at 9 AM local time on Thursday, July 3 and continue until 5 PM local time that evening – or while supplies last. At each station, SNICKERS® Brand will distribute to the first 200 vehicles a $50 prepaid debit card ($10,000 worth at each station) which can be instantly redeemed for free gas on-site or elsewhere, with a limit of one prepaid debit card per eligible individual with a vehicle on-site. This special offer is good for legal residents of the United States, age 18 or older, with valid driver’s license.

The other gas station is in Interior, South Dakota, near the Badlands.

I can think of a gas station in the Mojave — Roy’s — that’s more isolated than Najah’s. Regardless, this is a cool promotion, and I suspect a few Route 66 travelers tomorrow will get a pleasant surprise there.

(Image of Najah’s Desert Oasis via its Facebook page)


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