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Williams trades Denny’s for a Route 66-themed restaurant

This is a switch I can get behind — the landlord of a Denny’s in Williams, Arizona, let the franchise go, remodeled the building, and opened a Kicks on Route 66 Bar and Grill in its place, reported the Williams News.

Brad and Sally Olson opened the revamped restaurant about two weeks ago, reported the newspaper.

Everything on the menu is made from scratch daily, such as the breads, rolls and sauces.

The menu includes items such as wings, pesto pinwheels, gourmet salads, stuffed burgers, sandwiches, fried chicken, steak and ribs.

Kicks on Route 66 has 20 beers on tap, 16 of which are Arizona craft beers. The restaurant also has four Arizona wines on tap as well as an extended selection of bottled wines.

Photos of Route 66 are part of the decor. The restaurant’s website is here, and its Facebook page is here.

(Image of Kicks on Route 66 Bar and Grill via its Facebook page)


One thought on “Williams trades Denny’s for a Route 66-themed restaurant

  1. KoHoSo

    Forgive me if you already reported on this and I missed it but there has also been a similar switch in La Verne, California on Route 66 right near the border with San Dimas. A Denny’s there just west of Interstate 210’s exit onto Foothill Boulevard became Mr. D’s Diner earlier this year. I have not been inside yet but, on the outside, they did a decent amount of remodelling to give the place a 1950s look including a neon sign (or LED with a neon look). I can’t say anything about the food yet but it’s sure nice to have something with a classic look along that stretch of Route 66 before Glendora where about the only thing left with any vintage feel to it is the La Paloma Mexican Restaurant (which looks nice but who’s food I sadly do NOT recommend).

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