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Proposed landfill irks residents north of Riverton

Some people north of Riverton, Kansas, are opposing the Galena’s acquisition of 40 acres that may be turned into a landfill, according to an article in the Joplin Globe.

At least one foe tried to play the tourism card:

As a member of the Sierra Club and a former member of the Pittsburg tourism board, Jackson said she’s concerned the proposed landfill would pollute Spring River, as well as deter tourists from visiting the area.

The distance from Highway 69A, also known as the Frontier Military Historic Byway, to the proposed site is 16 feet, she said.

“I also measured how far it is from Route 66,” Jackson said, adding it was less than two miles.

According to Google Street View, the area is here:

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Galena Mayor Dale Oglesby pointed out the proposed site needs an engineering study, plus approval by the Kansas Department of Health and the Environment, before it can proceed. That’s 18 to 24 months away. He also said such a site would reduce landfill costs for county residents; trash currently has to be hauled to Lamar, Missouri — a distance of about 50 miles.

Concerns about possible river pollution, an alleged lack of public input on the project, and it possibly affecting the quality of life of nearby residents seem legitimate and should be considered.

But implying the landfill would hurt tourism on Route 66 is ludicrous. The distance of the site from the Mother Road is far enough that travelers never would be aware of it unless a resident mentions it. It simply wouldn’t be visible to Route 66 travelers. In this case, two miles is as good as a hundred.