Route 66 News

Kiosk, rest area built near Riverton roundabout

A rest area and informational kiosk recently were built at the roundabout near Riverton, Kansas, that intersects Route 66 and U.S. 400, reported KOAM-TV.

The Kansas Department of Transportation built them after receiving a $20,000 grant from the Federal Highway Administration. They were designed by nearby Pittsburg State University students.

KDOT officials say the informational displays highlight some historic attractions for travelers along Route 66.

“It shows some of the things that they may want to spend a little more time exploring, which is good for Kansas because if they stay a little bit longer, they’ll spend a little more money,” said George Dockery, area engineer, KDOT.

Those who are unfamiliar with roundabouts on Route 66 had better get used to them. There now are at least two in Tulsa on the Mother Road and another in Carthage, Missouri. And because of their demonstrated ability to keep vehicles moving more efficiently, you’ll see more in the coming years in high-traffic areas.

UPDATE 9/6/2014: The Joplin Globe had some more details about it. The kiosk is on the west side of the roundabout — where old Route 66 through the countryside to Baxter Springs begins — and includes a parking area.

Some of the historical sites and museums listed include the Galena Historical and Mining Museum; the Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum; Fort Blair Historic Site, and the Galena Murder Bordello.

Scenic places, such as Hell’s Half Acre and the Southeast Kansas Nature Center in Schermerhorn Park, also are listed. Cars on the Route in Galena, Angels on the Route and the Field of Dreams in Baxter Springs are a few of the attractions listed as cultural places.