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Another tune from the garage

The Beatles’ invasion of America in early 1964 and later rush of British acts spawned a lot of rock bands in the United States. Here’s one in the seemingly endless list, The Fabulous Pharaohs of Newark, Delaware.

The band’s take on Bobby Troup’s “Route 66” is notable in the lyrics are about as butchered as any version I’ve heard.

According to a bio by one of the band members, its version of “Route 66” was recorded at a radio station after it had gone off the air for the night, live with no overdubs.

The Fabulous Pharaohs steadily played gigs in the Delaware region through much of the 1970s.



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  1. MR Traska

    Fabulous find — this, and the last one with Snookum Russell. I have no idea how you’re snagging these, because I’ve been scouring YouTube for them, too. Respect, dude!! And keep them coming. ;D — Marie at

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