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Baxter Springs restaurant recovers impressively after tornado

I missed this when it initially happened, but Weston’s Route 66 Cafe in Baxter Springs, Kansas, reopened just six weeks after it was destroyed by a tornado in April.

KODE-TV filed a recent story about how Weston’s, at 1727 Military Ave., and other businesses have recovered after the tornado:

An excerpt from the report:

For 16 years, Weston’s Route 66 Cafe has been at 1737 Military Avenue. Owners, Don and Susan Weston don’t plan on letting a tornado change that.

“People wanted us to come back and so that’s the reason we did. We thought about retiring, but we’re back in business again,” said Don Weston, Weston’s Cafe Owner.

Photos posted on Weston’s Facebook page showed how the owners rebuilt the restaurant from the concrete up. It’s one of most impressive resurrections I’ve seen.

And a Google Street View image of that block in May — just days after the storm — shows how ravaged the town was:

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