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Albuquerque sign irks tourists, businesses

I missed this the last few times I was in downtown Albuquerque. But a sign on private property that says “Please, no puking, no pissing, no panhandling or perversion, thank you” continues to draw the ire of Route 66 tourists, businesses and city officials.

KOAT-TV in Albuquerque posted a story about the sign, which has been around since 2008:

That year, local Robert Martinez called it the opposite of a welcome sign for visitors to the Duke City.

“I meet a lot of out-of-staters and I get a lot of good comments about the downtown area, and how Albuquerque has really changed over the years. Then to have a sign like that up; I don’t know, it might change their attitude,” Martinez said.

Six years later, tourists passing through are still put off by the language.

“It’s tasteless, rude, crude and not in keeping with the spirit of Albuquerque!” said A. Kaye, who was taking pictures of Route 66 before heading off toward the Grand Canyon.

The KOAT link takes you to the video that shows the sign. If you can’t view the footage, I put a screen shot above.

The property owner erected the sign because he claimed he was having problems with the things it mentions. The city apparently can do little about the sign because it’s on private property and is protected by the First Amendment as free speech.

The television station wouldn’t reveal who the property owner is, except to say it was a parking company.

Those who have ever dealt with parking companies wouldn’t be surprised they’re tone-deaf on hospitality and tourism. If the perversions or puking or whatever is truly that bad, I suspect a “No Loitering” sign would accomplish the same thing with little offense.


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