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A visit to Amarillo’s Sixth Street District

This video produced by features Tucker Yeldell — described as “a lost prospector, reluctant farmer and early Texas Panhandle settler” — touring some of his favorite spots on Route 66 in Amarillo.

Most of the tour is devoted to the city’s historic Sixth Street District, which is a terrific menagerie of antique shops, restaurants, bars and art galleries.

(Image of Sixth Street shops in Amarillo by Steve Herrera via Flickr)


One thought on “A visit to Amarillo’s Sixth Street District

  1. Steve Davis

    Nice to see the once neglected and boarded up shops along 6th street, now thriving and prosperous again. Was my favorite area as a child, visiting my grandparents, who lived at 108 Mississippi St. in Amarillo.

    San Jacinto Park, also looks just as it did, all those years ago.. The neighborhood, however, has gone completely to the dogs!!

    NOW, that said, the City of Amarillo, needs to resurrect the crumbling and neglected neighborhoods that surround the now trendy shops, to ensure, that they too, not fall victim to the neglect and crime of their surrounds.

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