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A visit to the Red Ball Bar and Grill

33 Baxter Springs KS - Red Ball Bar & Grill

Here’s a restaurant in Baxter Springs, Kansas, that escaped my notice — the Red Ball Bar and Grill, which uses the grille of an old truck as part of its grill.

KSN-TV in Joplin has the story:

Here’s a screen capture of the aforementioned grill:

The Red Ball occupies a building that was a grocery store during the 1920s.

It is at 539 W. Fifth St. in Baxter Springs (map here). It’s not on Route 66, but about three blocks south of the section of old Route 66 that goes through the countryside. Basically, westbound travelers would go straight instead of veering left at the fork in the road on the north side of town.

(Image of the Red Ball by John Hagstrom via Flickr)


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