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California to allow bicycles on Interstate 40

The California Department of Transportation granted the Adventure Cycling Association‘s request to allow parts of Interstate 40 to be used as part of its upcoming Bicycle Route 66 Map, according a blog post Thursday from the association.

The association had asked CalTrans to used parts of Interstate 40 because old Route 66 through parts of the Mojave Desert are too rough for cyclists. The association asked for emails to support the plan.

The association said:

As of Wednesday, February 18, we now have a legal route to direct cyclists to use between Needles and Barstow, California, where the roads are either closed or otherwise unridable. While the printed maps will show our route as using the National Trails Highway, addenda will accompany them directing cyclists where they may now legally enter and exit I-40 to avoid the worst of conditions.

District 8 has granted allowance of “…temporary access on I-40 from Ft. Cady Rd. (Exit #23) to Ludlow (Exit #50) and from Kelbaker Rd. to Mountain Springs Rd. (Exit #115)…” Access will be lifted in the future when road surfaces have improved and roads reopened. In the meantime we are moving forward and celebrating more than a little bit.

In his latest email correspondence, Catalino A. Pining III, Deputy District Director of Caltrans District 8 assured us, “The District will be notifying the California Highway Patrol of the temporary provision. Existing signs will have to be temporary covered/modified to accommodate the bicycles and additional signs will have to be ordered to notify the traveling public of the shared road. It can take two to three weeks to have the new signs fabricated and installed.”

Parts of Route 66 from Amboy to Essex remain closed for repairs after flash flooding damaged the roadway and dozens of bridges. The portion from Amboy to Ludlow reopened a few weeks ago. The Essex-to-Amboy section probably will be reopened by spring.

Via the association, here is the route through California:

Route 66-California detour

The association’s Bicycle Route 66 Map will be available next month.

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