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Circle Inn Malt Shop marks 60th year

Circle Inn Malt Shop sign. Bourbon, Mo

The Circle Inn Malt Shop on old Route 66 in Bourbon, Missouri, is in the midst of its 60th year in business, according to Sullivan Independent News.

Originally built in 1955 by Bud and Marie Ware, the malt shop was passed on to son Bob Ware and now is currently owned and operated by 3rd generation Ware, Joshua, who took over operations on his own about six months ago.Ware credits the hard work of his family for the long existance and success of the shop. […]

Recently, Ware installed a new soft-serve ice cream machine and has also included a brand new ice cream and novelty menu with many combinations and specialties to choose from. Since taking over, he has remodeled the kitchen and has further plans to rejuvenate the historic building and to promote the “Malt Shop” aspect of the business.

The Circle Inn also has a lot of Route 66 memorabilia and historic photographs from the region on its walls. Walking into the place really is like stepping back in time.

The Circle Inn may be found on Facebook, and it updates the page regularly.

(Image of the Circle Inn Malt Shop’s sign via Facebook)


2 thoughts on “Circle Inn Malt Shop marks 60th year

  1. Denny Gibson

    When I stopped at the Malt Shop in April, I spent some time talking with Josh about the pictured sign. That was because I’d recently seen an almost new example of the style at the American Sign Museum. A post on the museum’s blog talks about the previously unmounted sign here:

    The Circle Inn sign really looks good although it had recently developed some electrical problems when I was there. Josh seemed intent on resolving them and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is already working again.

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