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Hopi Travel Plaza near Holbrook undergoes renovations

Hopi Travel Plaza, Holbrook

The Hopi Travel Plaza, a fixture along Route 66 near Holbrook, Arizona, for nearly 40 years — partly because of its eye-catching dinosaur statues — is undergoing much-needed and extensive renovations, according to the Arizona Journal.

The plaza’s new general manager, Kelly Jarvis, acknowledged to the newspaper the facility was “going down, spiraling desperately out of control” from neglect and dwindling profits.

Jarvis said he extensively restocked the convenience store and hired a restaurant manager. And that’s not all:

“Phase one is replacement of the roof, as well as installation of a 48-camera security system and upgraded phone system, which was completed last week. Phase two is installation of a brand new HVAC system for the entire complex and repaint, immediately afterward. We’re in the process of updating our website as well,” he noted.

Beginning Aug. 4, Dr. Mathew D. Moore, certified medical examiner for the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), located his practice at the plaza, offering DOT physicals and chiropractic treatments on site.

Jarvis envisions the installation of an RV park and hogan-style hotel units on the grounds immediately encircling the plaza’s sprawling property, with the support of tribal and government grant funds.

Jarvis also wants to update the Hopi Travel Plaza’s fuel pumps so it can accept almost all credit cards, including European ones.

According to the newspaper, the plaza was built in late 1970s, and the Hopi Nation took over ownership in 2001.

(Image of the Hopi Travel Plaza in 2008 by Chuck Coker via Flickr)


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  1. Frank Kocevar

    Homolovi State Park is also just west of the Hopi Travel Plaza (East side of Winslow). This is on Hopi land and is a real gem (4,500 acres) that is often bypassed by travelers. A side note – there were 36 Hopi code talkers in WWII that usually don’t get mentioned and played an integral part in their service to our country.

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