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More 1993 footage from Route 66

66 Motel, Tulsa

Anthony Reichardt has posted more videos from a 1993 journey he took on Route 66 in a 1959 Cadillac.

The first is a visit with the legendary Lucille Hamons at Lucille’s near Hydro, Oklahoma, a few years before her death in 2000 and subsequent closure of the gas station. The station, built in 1929, remains closed but was restored as a photo op a few years ago.

The second is of the closed 66 Motel in southwest Tulsa, before it was torn down. It was built as El Reposo Court in 1933 and torn down in 2001.

Next is the closed 66 Courts of Groom, Texas, before much of it was demolished in 2005.

Next is the Cedar Hill Station and Grocery Store, west of San Jon, New Mexico. The gas station canopy had collapsed even in 1993 and doesn’t look much different today.

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