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Much of Pacific is under water

A report of more troubles from flooding in Missouri — much of the Route 66 town of Pacific is under water, and it won’t start to recede until sometime today.

KTVI-TV in St. Louis reports:

In 1982, the crest was 33.6 feet. The water came all the to train tracks on 1st Street. The projected crest Wednesday is more than 2 feet higher at 35.7 feet.

About half of old town Pacific already is underwater. About 300-400 homes and businesses have been evacuated. Old Route 66 into town, also called the 44 Business Loop, is underwater in two places.

Here’s the video:

This photo by Steve Wise shows how much of the town is inundated.

It’s gotten so bad, Interstate 44, which shadows old Route 66 in much of Missouri, is closed in several locations because of rising floodwaters.


3 thoughts on “Much of Pacific is under water

  1. Melissa

    You can send the donations for flood victims by texting REDCROSS to 90999, or calling 1-800-RED -CROSS.
    (Please correct & or link. )

  2. Audrey Burtrum-Stanley

    The title of this submission in your blog made me smile. It reminds me of the HEADLINES IN THE NEWSPAPERS that grab people’s attention with double-meanings. (The NY POST does some wild ones!) This title: “MUCH OF PACIFIC IS UNDER WATER” was both very clever as well as terribly sad. It’s true meaning indicates the loss of private and public property. Often it is never mention but rather just a feeling-within, these people now have a ‘sense of security’ that is lost. It is remarkable how something as simple as WATER can wash away so much that is precious, historic, valuable, thought to be perm. and it can even steal the lives of innocent people and animals.

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