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New sculpture being installed next to Tulsa Route 66

Eileen Gay, Floating Hanger, Tulsa

A new sculpture is being installed this week next to the Route 66 Gateway at Crystal City Shopping Center in west Tulsa.

Artist Eileen Gay of Reno, Nevada, delivered the sculpture, titled “Floating Hanger.” The Tulsa World had a description of it:

Ten feet in diameter, the sculpture resembles two rotary gears, one larger than the other, driving a drill bit into the ground. Covering the surface, mosaic tiles depict various stages of transportation history in Tulsa, from a steam locomotive to the Ford Model-A to the Space Shuttle — parts of which were manufactured here.

The sculpture also is not far from the first oil well drilled in Tulsa County, near the Ollie’s Station restaurant.

More about Gay and her sculpture may be seen in this Tulsa World video:

The sculpture is wrapped in plastic until it is publicly unveiled at 1 p.m. Thursday. The site is near 33rd West Avenue and Southwest Boulevard (aka Route 66).

(Image of “Floating Hanger” courtesy of Dennis Whitaker, city of Tulsa)


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