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German trio wants to drive a Wartburg car on Route 66

Wartburg 311 camping model

Three guys from Germany want to drive a vintage Wartburg automobile on Route 66 and other American sites in August and September and raise money for charity.

Arnold Schneider, Maximiliano di Paola and Jörg Tissat want to bring the Wartburg 311 camping/station wagon, nicknamed Willy, across the Atlantic Ocean to New York, where they will drive to Chicago and begin their Route 66 journey.

The trio plans to write a book about their experiences, plus produce video and souvenirs such as postcards, T-shirts and calendars. According to Wikipedia, Wartburg 311s were produced only from 1956 to 1965, so keeping a 50- to 60-year-old car running on such a long trek might be interesting.

The trio is embarking on the trip for these reasons:

— The Wartburg’s manufacturer. Eisenach of Germany, is marking its 120th anniversary this year.

— The original Wartburg 311 is marking its 60th anniversary this year.

— Route 66 is marking its 90th birthday this year.

— American car seller Willy Witkin — hence, the car’s nickname — bought Wartburgs from Germany in 1958 and sold them.

— The trio wants to sell the car after the journey and give the proceeds to the One to One Children’s Fund and the Power of 5 campaign to fight child malnutrition.

The three have launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise 38,500 euros (about $43,000) in two months to cover initial expenses. A number of goodies are offered at various contribution levels.

(Image of the Wartburg 311 car that will be used during the Route 66 trip)


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