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Zettlers Route 66 store opening soon in Ash Fork

Zettlers on Route 66, Ash Fork

A couple from Montana is reviving an old business in Ash Fork, Arizona, as the Zettlers Route 66 store.

Zettlers Route 66 will open Friday after owners Kirk and Yvette Slack finished about 15 months of cleaning and renovations to the building, reported the Grand Canyon News.

The store features a working 1960s Coke machine, Native American pottery and baskets from Tuba City, Arizona and collectibles from around the state including vintage Arizona license plates and a wide array of Route 66 memorabilia. […;]

Slack said the store will be open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. starting April 1. […]

Slack said he wants many of the items sold at the store to be collectibles and items that could have been used at the store over the years.
“There’s a lot of history,” Slack said. “Most of your business on Route 66 are foreigners and they’re looking for nostalgia. They buy t-shirts, hats and coffee cups but they’re looking for stuff like the license plates. They love the ones that say ‘Grand Canyon State’ on them. We’ve been buying some things here and in Williams, the Route 66 things, we really look for nostalgia.”

The Slacks checked into establishing a store in nearby Williams or Seligman, Arizona, but properties were unavailable or too expensive. Driving through Ash Fork one day, they noticed a “for sale” sign at the store and made an offer.

The Zettlers Route 66 store has a Facebook page. The store is at 242 W. Lewis Ave. (map here), which is Route 66.

According to a book about Route 66 in Ash Fork, Homer and Marie Zettler arrived in town about 1930 and opened a bakery in the building. It became Zettler’s Market after World War II. Vernon, the couple’s oldest son, Vernon, kept the business going until he and his wife, Marge, retired in 1983, although new owners kept the business going for almost 30 more years. At one time, it was the oldest continuously operating business in Ash Fork.

(Image of Zettlers Route 66 in Ash Fork, Arizona, via Facebook)


3 thoughts on “Zettlers Route 66 store opening soon in Ash Fork

  1. Rick M

    Having spent some time in Ash Fork because my father built a motel there in the 50’s I have fond memories. Even though I stop there every trip there is really little to see other than places from my memories. The lack of water, loss of the rail road, loss of the Harvey House, a downtown fire, wiping out the downtown with a widening project for 66, and then I-40 taking the traffic away. They have had more than their share of bad breaks. Then again maybe this will start a turn around. I hope so. I know I will be stopping to visit the store and buy some nostalgia.

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