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Filmmaker needs music for Route 66 documentary

The Revival

A New York-based filmmaker who’s making a documentary, “The Revival,” about the renaissance of Route 66 after it was decertified as a U.S. highway needs some music from Oklahomans to help her finish the film.

Kaila Keller, who hails from Tulsa, centers much of the film around her hometown and Oklahoma, although footage on Route 66 also was shot in Kansas, Missouri and Texas.

Keller wrote in an email she hopes her film will inspire people to travel Route 66, in particular “a youthful generation.”

“The Revival” includes interviews with:

  • Michael Wallis, author of “Route 66: The Mother Road” and the voice of the Sheriff of Radiator Springs in the movie “Cars”;
  • Stevens Avery, grandson of Cyrus “Father of Route 66” Avery;
  • Blaine Davis, curator of the Blue Whale of Catoosa and son of its creator, Hugh Davis;
  • Dawn Welch, owner of the Rock Cafe in Stroud;
  • Marty Doepke, general manager of Pops in Arcadia.

Keller already includes a performance of “Route 66” by Tulsa’s Desi & Cody for the film. But she needs more music to add some atmosphere for “The Revival.” She writes:

We’re looking for one more song near the beginning of the documentary during a montage scene of the road that ends with the title card. The song will also come back when we fade to black as the credits roll.

Do you already have an already produced track that embodies the spirit of Oklahoma? Great! That’s what we’re searching for!

An ideal featured track would for us would be a lyrically driven piece that can be provided for us along with its instrumental version.

Those interested in helping finish the film’s soundtrack should email Keller at kailakellerphotography(at)gmail(dot)com with links to the music tracks. Deadline for submissions is May 9; final decisions will be made May 13.

Keller says “The Revival” will premiere at the Beta Film Festival on May 26 in New York City, and she plans to send it to other film festivals this year and 2017.


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