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Galena’s Bordello becomes an antiques store

Bordello Antiques, Galena, KS

Galena’s Bordello in Galena, Kansas, recently was purchased by an English couple and has been converted into an antiques store.

KSN-TV reports David and Vicky Horbury have changed the name to Bordello Antiques:

They sell all antiques that are imported from their home country. They say they fell in love with the people and Route 66 and feel right at home.

“I can tell my wife I go to the bordello everyday for work,” said David Horbury, Bordello Antiques.

“It is like a throwback in time and it’s so less stressful than the UK,” said Vicky Horbury, Bordello Antiques.

The couple also sells items associated with the “Downton Abbey” television series.

Longtime readers may remember its previous incarnation as Galena’s Murder Bordello. The good news in early 2013 was the long-abandoned house at Main and Front streets in Galena was saved and restored. The bad news was the owners touted it as a former bordello run by notorious 19th-century murderer Ma Stafflebeck — a claim debunked by several historians and Route 66 News.

The owners didn’t do much with the Galena’s Bordello (the name changed after the refutation of the Staffleback link) except for the occasional haunted-house tour and investigations by paranormal teams. The long-term viability of such a market seemed questionable at best.

So the home’s new role as a British-themed antiques store seems a better fit.

As to whether the Bordello still is haunted, David doesn’t think so, but Vicky thinks there may be something paranormal going on. We’ll just leave it at that.

UPDATE 6/13/2016: The Joplin Globe published a very good profile of the Horburys and their business venture.

(Screen capture image from KSN video of Bordello Antiques in Galena, Kansas)


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