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Stolen Cross Eyed Cow minibus recovered

Cross Eyed Cow Pizza van

The customized Volkswagen minibus stolen two weeks ago from the Cross Eyed Cow restaurant in Oro Grande, California, was recovered Monday, but not without scary moments.

The minivan now is in a tow yard in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The Cross Eyed Cow‘s owners hope they can pick it up this week, although police may want to hold it a few more days to process evidence from it.

According to the Victorville Daily Press, a sharp-eyed driver spotted the minivan being driven south on nearby Interstate 15. The VW featured a haphazardly applied paint job to cover its distinctive look, restaurant manager Dani Boyd said:

“The lady that called told my boss the idiots painted the yellow bus white but didn’t bother to change the interior cow print,” Boyd said. “I guess the driver followed the bus, then called us.”
During the pursuit, Lacy Smith called Grace Preston, the daughter of Jim and Donna Granger, owners of the eatery, and told her a black 1500 Dodge Ram Truck was following the VW. When the driver of the truck noticed they were being followed, they began waving a gun toward Smith. […]
San Bernardino County Sheriff’s dispatch advised Preston that Smith should back off from pursuing the vehicle. After ending her pursuit, Smith noticed a sheriff’s helicopter following the van south on Interstate 15, Preston said.

Police stopped the vehicle in Rancho Cucamonga. The white paint job apparently was a bad one, as Boyd said the yellow color beneath had begun to bleed through.

The restaurant’s owner, Jim Granger, had offered $500 for the minibus’ return. The VW is used for pizza deliveries.

The Cross Eyed Cow probably is better known for its multicolored dairy cow on top of the building. It’s been there for years. The restaurant also is a Route 66 booster, promoting attractions such as the nearby Bottle Tree Ranch.

Boyd said she was happy police recovered the VW, but she probably won’t leave it parked out in front of the restaurant anymore.

(Image of the Cross Eyed Cow minibus by Historic Downtown Oro Grande via Facebook)


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  1. Steve Davis

    A shame people cant keep their hands off someone else’s property… There isn’t a sign or old car, or anything halfway collectible, that is safe if left out.

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