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Lowriders, twerkers shut down Route 66 in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Low Riders

By now, you’ve probably seen an Associated Press report about how an unauthorized music-video shoot Saturday turned into an impromptu street party of 300 people — including lowriders and twerkers — that shut down Route 66 in Albuquerque.

It seems like a silly story for AP to distribute around the globe. But the news service chooses to highlight a few stories each week labeled as “odd” because — you guessed it — because they’re odd. It’s sort of a lighthearted man-bites-dog thing.

The source of this, near as I can tell, was a news report by KRQE-TV in Albuquerque. And, yes, there’s video.

KRQE gave the Cliff Notes video version. There’s more footage from the ABQ RAW account on YouTube:

The gist is local rapper Jandro put out the word he needed locals for a music video he was shooting at the old-school Firestone station at Seventh and Central (aka Route 66). He — and local police — got more than they bargained for.

KRQE reported Albuquerque police took a largely hands-off approach to the spectacle. That’s probably because Albuquerque remains under a Department of Justice consent decree for overaggressive police conduct that spurred protests more than two years ago — before anyone heard of “Black Lives Matter.”

So the local cops understandably have taken a “no harm, no foul” stance.

Another observation: I’m a sucker for lowriders, and I have to admit a couple of those shown in the videos are pretty cool.

(Video image capture of lowriders during the Jandro street party in Albuquerque)


One thought on “Lowriders, twerkers shut down Route 66 in Albuquerque

  1. Doc

    I can see this as harmless fun and for the most part would have no problem
    That being said, it is also dependent on how long I was prevented from using the road .
    As long as I am free to get around even by detour so I can continue that is fine
    If I am prevented from going a different way or getting to something they are blocking then that is an issue
    If it is for very long
    We live in an area that has attracted a lot of movie and TV series shows made
    It is not unusual for them to block roads off for hours and this would be no different
    I do raise a fuss when they shut a main road down and all you can do is sit . I do not take kindly to being held aganist my will
    If they are blocking the only way to continue then a person is being held aganist their will and at that point
    I could see problems starting.
    Sometimes the media needs to just stay out of it

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