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Dobson Museum, home undergoing renovations


The Dobson Museum and historic home one block west of Route 66 in Miami, Oklahoma, now are undergoing renovations.

The Miami News-Record talked to museum director Jordan Boyd:

Volunteers have helped rearrange and move structures, cases and artifacts in order for the contractors to repaint walls and ceilings. The front porch of the house received a new coat of paint, the back porch was re-stained and had polyurethane applied and the lighting outside of the museum has been rewired. […]
Other completed renovation projects include updated lighting in the museum, new coats of paint and the transformation of “Miss Nellie’s Room” in the museum into Boyd’s new office and research room. His previous office space was located in the corner of the archive room. […]
In the near future, Boyd said they are looking to add two handicapped parking spaces on the north end of the building. They also plan to make the Dobson Home more handicapped accessible and to extend its hours of operation.

The artifacts in the museum are owned by the Ottawa County Historical Society and highlight past Ottawa County life, mining, military, Native Americans, famous residents, Route 66 and industry, including a permanent exhibit about B.F. Goodrich. It’s open from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday, Wednesday and Friday.

The Dobson Home, built in 1915-16, is an extension of the museum and is open for tours. The Dobson family furniture remains in the house today. The house is listed the National Register of Historic Places.

Alas, the Dobson Museum sometimes gets overlooked by Route 66 travelers in Miami because it’s a wee bit off the Mother Road. Plus Route 66ers are more keen to visit the Coleman Theatre, Waylan’s Ku-Ku restaurant and the nearby Sidewalk Highway.

(Image of an exhibit at the Dobson Museum in Miami, Oklahoma, via the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department)


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