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Clocks being installed on Meadow Gold sign in Tulsa

The long-awaited clocks that were supposed to be placed on the top of the historic Meadow Gold sign in Tulsa were being installed Thursday.

KOTV in Tulsa posted video of some of the installation: – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |

The clocks, designed to resemble the originals, had been planned for years, but the lack of funding prevented full completion of the sign’s restoration.

Bids for the clocks went out this summer. The original clocks disappeared from the sign many years ago.

The Meadow Gold sign originally stood at 11th Street (aka Route 66) and Lewis Avenue. But when a car dealer no longer wanted it near his property, the long-neglected sign was dismantled in 2004, placed in storage, restored and reinstalled at 11th Street and Quaker Avenue, about a mile west.

People from 14 states made donations to help defray the costs of taking down the sign and putting it into storage until the new site was found.

The Meadow Gold sign was relighted in 2009.

UPDATE: Public Radio Tulsa filed this report today. It reports the clocks cost $49,000, paid for with Vision 2025 sales-tax funds.

And here’s a video of one of the clocks being lifted into place:

(Image of one of the clocks for the Meadow Gold sign by the Oklahoma Route 66 Association via Facebook)