Route 66 News

A trip across America


This fun, well-conceived and well-edited video by filmmaker Kien Lam essentially turns into a love letter to America.

Americana // On The Road from Kien Lam on Vimeo.

A description of the video:

In April, I took a road trip across America with two friends from Germany. We wanted to see an America that’s more than just it’s metropolitan cities. Over 28 days, we drove 6000 miles from San Francisco to New Orleans along a large part of Route 66 and looped back through the heart of America. This is my love letter to the beauty and splendor of this amazing place I call home. Follow the story on […]

Special thanks to all the wonderful people who offered their warm hospitality and company along the way a special thanks to my friends Manu and Hansi for coming all the way from Germany to join me on this unforgettable experience.

Music is “No Place Like Home” by Steven Collom.

(Excerpted image from the video of Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas)


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