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“Most Amazing Views of Route 66”

If you have an hour or so, check out this new video by Roamin’ Rich Dinkela and Jamie Jessop showing views of Route 66 landmarks with the help of a drone.

Interspersed occasionally in the footage are old images to give context.

Jessop also was the music director for the well-edited and produced video. The documentary contains plenty of tasty jazz, rock, country and folk — primarily from the St. Louis area.

In a blog post, Dinkela wrote that the documentary took about two years of work.

3 thoughts on ““Most Amazing Views of Route 66”

  1. Keith Z

    Thanks Rich!! You have some pretty cool shots of places I’ve been but to see the places I’ll never see, like La Bajada, is great. Thanks again. On our next trip out I want to make it a point to meet you.

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