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An interview with Jim Conkle

Those who ever have spent any time with longtime Route 66 aficionado Jim Conkle will recognize many of the things he says about the Mother Road in this interview.

The 25-minute interview was done by host Joan Rudder-Ward on the “Silver Sage” program, a weekly 30-minute cable-television show geared towards the age-50-and-older crowd.

It’s a pretty wide-ranging chat, with Conkle’s summation of Route 66 attractions in California’s high desert, what he does and what he’s been up to lately.

Interesting note: The interview was conducted at the Summit Inn restaurant in Oak Hills, California, not long before the ferocious Blue Cut wildfire destroyed the Route 66 landmark. The new owners of the Summit Inn are embarking on rebuilding the restaurant.

(Screen capture image from Jim Conkle interview)


2 thoughts on “An interview with Jim Conkle

  1. Jim Conkle

    Tanks Ron for sharing this with your readers.
    The interview took place just a few weeks before the fire. So sad it is gone.
    Joan and I had plans of doing a few more shows going on the road into Arizona.

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