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A new version of “Route 66”

This video of new material being previewed by musician Inda Eaton surfaced a few days ago.

This song is titled “Route 66,” but it bears little resemblance to the 1946 classic tune written by Bobby Troup and popularized by Nat King Cole.

The key line — “the road, it changes you” — probably will hold a lot of meaning with fellow Route 66 travelers.

Route 66 Feb2017 from Inda Eaton on Vimeo.

Eaton has been a working musician for more than 20 years. Even though she’s based upstate New York now, she’s spent a lot of her time out West.

Eaton released a mini-documentary on her website that explains how the songs for her 2015 album, “Go West,” came into being. Much of the material was inspired during road trips from New York to Los Angeles and back.

(Image of Inda Eaton via Facebook)


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