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Artist offering Route 66-inspired diorama, map to museums or collectors

Wendy Jack, a California-based artist, completed an elaborate diorama, map and other displays for a work titled “A Nostalgic Journey on Route 66” she hopes will interest museums, organizations or individuals.

The work consists of an approximate 4 1/2-by-3 1/2-foot diorama of a gas station and souvenir shop, with a lot of detail, next to Route 66. It also includes a 6 1/2-by-4-foot map featuring hand-painted Route 66 landmarks, a framed historical statement about Route 66, and a framed artist’s statement.

Here is a second angle of the gas station / souvenir shop, which also was pictured above:

And here is an image of the map:

More details of the artwork may be seen here.

Jack said in an email she worked part-time on the entire piece for eight years. She also said:

I was inspired to do the presentation as I had worked as a scene painter for a community college theater in Mission Viejo, California. We did a set for a cabaret show about 66.¬†I lived in the Route 66 town of Williams, Arizona. The look and ambiance of the town inspired me. The gas station in the the diorama is inspired from a gas station in Williams. […]
I would want to sell the entire presentation as a unit. I see it as an educational kind of display for museums, associations, or individuals. I have not actually set a price for it yet.

I usually don’t publish a story about one particular Route 66-inspired artwork. But Jack obviously spent time and attention on this project that seems far above the usual.

In its own way, it reminds me of the exacting miniatures of Route 66 landmarks created by the late Willem Bor.

If you or your group is interested in acquiring Wendy Jack’s work, you may contact her through¬†here.

(Images courtesy of Wendy Jack)


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