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An overview of the western ends of Route 66

Justin Scarred of Randomland Adventures is a blabbermouth, but the surprisingly well-informed host explains the various western ends of Route 66 — downtown Los Angeles, Olympic and Lincoln boulevards in Santa Monica and, finally, the traditional end at the Santa Monica Pier.

A bit of news: A Mel’s Drive-In at Lincoln and Olympic in Santa Monica is being built there and is scheduled to reopen this summer.

With that news, the otherwise-boring western end of Route 66 soon will become a bit more interesting.

(Image of the “End of the Trail 66” sign at Santa Monica Pier by Fintrvlr via Flickr)


3 thoughts on “An overview of the western ends of Route 66

  1. John Kulas

    I live a block from Route 66 here in Santa Monica. Just got home from a walk to the pier. It’s cool to be so close to history.

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