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An overview of the western ends of Route 66

Justin Scarred of Randomland Adventures is a blabbermouth, but the surprisingly well-informed host explains the various western ends of Route 66 — downtown Los Angeles, Olympic and Lincoln boulevards in Santa Monica and, finally, the traditional end at the Santa Monica Pier.

A bit of news: A Mel’s Drive-In at Lincoln and Olympic in Santa Monica is being built there and is scheduled to reopen this summer.

With that news, the otherwise-boring western end of Route 66 soon will become a bit more interesting.

(Image of the “End of the Trail 66” sign at Santa Monica Pier by Fintrvlr via Flickr)


One thought on “An overview of the western ends of Route 66

  1. John Kulas

    I live a block from Route 66 here in Santa Monica. Just got home from a walk to the pier. It’s cool to be so close to history.

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