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Route 66: The Road Ahead launches website, issues second-quarter report

Route 66: The Road Ahead Partnership recently announced the launch of a new website, at

According to a news release from the nonprofit group:

The purpose of the website is to assist in achieving the mission of the Road Ahead Partnership by fostering a sense of collaboration among Route 66 stakeholders, private organizations, government entities, and everyone across the country and internationally who is interested in preserving, promoting, and fostering education and research regarding Route 66.
The website includes:
• Background information regarding the mission & desired strategic outcomes of the Road Ahead Partnership, an overview of the organization’s structure, and information regarding its Board of  Directors.
• Information detailing steps being taken by the Working Groups, Advisory Groups and Task Forces of the Road Ahead Partnership to achieve the organization’s desired strategic outcomes.
• Resources that can be used by those interested in helping revive, preserve, and restore Route 66.
• Minutes of Board Meetings held by the Road Ahead board of directors
• Policies adopted by the board of directors
• Route 66 Road Ahead Partnership Bylaws

As for the second-quarter report from Route 66: The Road Ahead, it can be accessed here (it’s a 12-page PDF).

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