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Meltdown Diner opens on Route 66 in southwest Tulsa

The owners of the Meltdown Gourmet Grilled Cheese food truck in Tulsa recently opened a permanent location on a historic corner of Route 66 in southwest part of the city, called the Meltdown Diner.

Jim and Sara Hardcastle sold the food truck a few months ago and began renovating a 1949 building at Southwest Boulevard (aka Route 66) and 33rd West Avenue.

They added a 1950s decor to the former gas station and lunch stand (it also was a used-car lot a few years ago).

It landed a grant to help with the facade and, yes, that peeling white paint on the front is there on purpose.

The Meltdown Diner opened in early August. KTUL-TV in Tulsa produced this story about it:

Once they get established, the Hardcastles plan to buy a food truck again to sell their specialty grilled-cheese sandwiches all over the city to augment their business.

According to an article in the Tulsa World:

Meltdown Diner will offer a wide variety of grilled cheese sandwiches, from jalapeno popper to meatloaf and Monte Cristo.

“Most everything will be grilled cheese based, and we will have a daily special that isn’t on the menu every day,” Hardcastle said.

The Meltdown Diner is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 11 a.m. to whenever the food runs out Saturday.

(Images of the Meltdown Diner via Facebook)


2 thoughts on “Meltdown Diner opens on Route 66 in southwest Tulsa


    I ate at the Meltdown Diner yesterday and the BLT that I had was great. The people are really nice.—–Route 66 Tattoo Man—–

  2. Eric Hayman

    This sounds as if it is just the sort of place Route 66 should have. No great glamour, just good basic food in an unpretentious cafe. Good luck and make sure you have a decent working fire extinguisher!

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