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Cool Springs Camp needs new caretakers

The owner of Cool Springs Camp, on Oatman Road, aka old Route 66, between Oatman and Kingman, Arizona, needs a caretaker to look over the historic property.

Owner Ned Leutchner said one caretaker he enlisted early last year is moving to Colorado to set up a Wounded Warrior retreat, and another is moving on to Truxton, Arizona.

As for the prospective new caretakers, Leutchner said by text:

“It can be a couple with a motor home coming down for the winter. I just want someone on site who loves Route 66 Is a little handy and wants to enjoy living at one of the coolest places on Earth.

“There is electric, fresh well water and septic. And miles of beauty all around. I can pay the utilities, and they can stay for free. Depending on other skills, we can figure out wages.”

Interested parties can call Leutchner at (847) 828-7203 or email [email protected]

Cool Springs opened in the 1920s, declined when another alignment of Route 66 was built to the east in the 1950s, and burned to the ground in the mid-1960s, leaving nothing but the foundations. The remains of the site were used in a explosion scene in a 1992 Jean-Claude Van Damme film, “Universal Soldier.”

Leutchner fell in love with the site during a Route 66 trip in 1997 and spent several years trying to buy the property and another three years rebuilding Cool Springs Camp to its original appearance. Cool Springs Camp reopened in December 2004.

(Image of Cool Springs Camp in 2014 by Victor Solanvoy via Flickr)


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  2. fred baker

    The current caretaker is indeed moving to Colorado to open a Veteran retreat, In NO way shape or form is he affiliated with The Wounded Warrior Project nor is the retreat he is planning at this time. You need to update this ad with correct information Ned.

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