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Here’s your sign on Route 66 in Arizona

Frank Kocevar, the former owner of Historic Seligman Sundries in Seligman, Arizona, posted this clever video featuring a few signs along Route 66 in Arizona and a unique vantage point, courtesy of a drone.

The segment featuring a dreamcatcher at Meteor City Trading Post is particularly impressive.

I asked Kocevar what equipment he used for the video shoot. He replied:

A DJI Phantom 4 pro plus. I upgraded from a n  antique DJI 2.  The 4 Pro has a 4K camera with 3 gimbles for stabilization. I think that flying it is as much fun as taking the photos. 4.7 mile range and speeds of almost 50 mph.  The regulations are becoming restrictive because there is that 10% of dangerous and irresponsible operators. Common sense, respect and responsibility are a requirement  for safe operation.

You can buy the drone straight from the company here.

Drones are providing new views of Route 66 never before seen, unless you were a bird or a very good helicopter pilot.

(Screen-capture image of the Globetrotter Lodge from the video)


6 thoughts on “Here’s your sign on Route 66 in Arizona

    1. Frank Kocevar

      There is a lot to explore, restore and document on 66. I am glad to see the interest in Meteor City. I am sure that Joann has seen how supportive and encouraging “Route 66 Country” has been.

  1. Jim Conkle

    Once again Frank finds a way to showcase our beloved road. And the important places on it. Good work Frank.

  2. Eric Hayman

    “10% of dangerous and irresponsible operators.” Once again that catch-all 10% which most likely last proved true with the decimation of Roman soldiers – killing or at least severely punishing one in ten soldiers for serious offences usually in wartime. Today any destruction of a part of something is readily called decimation, usually quite wrongly. Who knows what percentage of drone “pilots” is dangerous and irresponsible?

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