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Angel Delgadillo appears in “We Blew It” documentary

Angel Delgadillo, known as the Guardian Angel of Route 66, makes a prominent appearance in the French-directed documentary “We Blew It,” that examines the long-lasting effects of the turbulent 1960s.

“We Blew It,” directed by Jean-Baptiste Thoret, gets its title from a line uttered by Peter Fonda near the end of the now-classic 1969 counterculture film “Easy Rider,” filmed in several locations on Route 66.

Here’s the key scene, after Wyatt and Billy finished a lucrative cocaine delivery:

The Hollywood Reporter is the only news-media outlet to review “We Blew It” so far, describing it as “enthralling.” It screened recently at the Deauville Film Festival in France, with a wider release starting in November. Content Media recently picked up worldwide rights for the movie.

The Reporter said of the film:

How, after that heady upsurge of youthful idealism and revolt, did we get to where we are now? What happened to the dreams and visions of the peace-and-love generation? What were the twists and turns that brought us from Easy Rider to Donald Trump?

Shot during the height of last year’s presidential campaign, but before the result was known, the movie presents a kaleidoscope of divergent points of view of the ’60s from those who were around at the time: Almost all the interviewees are senior citizens. As a result, its biggest appeal is likely to be to filmgoers of the boomer generation, although it has undeniable relevance in the current political climate.

And the Reporter gives this tidbit:

Among the individual voices that stand out is that of Angel Delgadillo, an 89-year-old barber from Seligman, Arizona, located on the legendary Route 66. His experiences since the opening of the I-40 interstate highway a few miles to the south on Sept. 22, 1978 — “the day the world forgot us” — are the story of globalization in miniature.

This video isn’t from the film, but Delgadillo has told the tale of Interstate 40 bypassing his town many times, including in this instance.

The Hollywood Reporter also says “We Blew It” uses roads — including “one road in particular’ playing a vital role — in the film. I’ve been unable to verify which road that is, but given Delgadillo’s appearance, I’m betting it’s Route 66.

Here’s a scene from “We Blew It,” in which longtime filmmaker Michael Mann is interviewed:

(Image of Angel Delgadillo in his barbershop in Seligman, Arizona, in 2010 by Al R via Flickr)


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