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Scenes from the Military Vehicle Preservation Association Route 66 Convoy

We’ve been tracking the Military Vehicle Preservation Association’s Route 66 Convoy, where about 70 military vehicles are going west the length of the Mother Road over several weeks.

You can follow the convoy’s progress online here, which includes a live feed if the signal is good. The Facebook page for MVPA Historic Convoys also is updated regularly.

At this point, the convoy is in western New Mexico, about to cross the Arizona border. It’s scheduled to reach Santa Monica, California, by Oct. 14.

On my Facebook feed, I’ve seen several posts from varying towns on Route 66, where the locals gave the convoy a warm welcome.

And there is a sense of a once-in-a-lifetime event about it; the convoy runs only every few years, and there’s no telling when organizers will do Route 66 again.

This well-produced video — which includes drone footage — shows the convoy stopped in Carthage, Missouri, and rumbling down the road in nearby Carterville, Missouri.

Here’s footage of the convoy in varying stops in northern Illinois:

This videographer filmed the convoy slowly departing from a parking lot in Springfield, Illinois. His vantage point allowed him to shoot the vehicles, one at a time:

This videographer found a good spot near the corner of the square in Carlinville, Illinois, where the original 1926 alignment of Route 66 traverses.

On a personal note, I will be traveling in the next couple of days, so updates to this website might be spotty.

(Screen capture of a video of the MVPA Route 66 convoy in Carterville, Missouri)


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