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The story behind the rise of The Road Crew

Bandleader Joe Loesch recently uploaded a series of four videos about the genesis of The Road Crew, a quartet that’s written a slew of Route 66-related songs and performed at Route 66 events and festivals.

It’s fascinating, because the videos show Loesch’s roots with the Mother Road are deeper than you might expect, dating all the way back to his childhood.

The videos also explain the backgrounds of the other band members — Don King, Woody Bomar and Jason Harmon — and show a few music clips by the group. All told, the four videos total about 35 minutes.

Part 1:

Parr 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

(Image of The Road Crew)


2 thoughts on “The story behind the rise of The Road Crew

  1. Denny Gibson

    I’m sure that at least part of this was intended for Joe’s presentation at the Joliet Miles of Possibility Conference last month. Technical problems left Joe sitting on a table and telling his story without the visuals he’d planned on. At the time I was impressed with both the story and Joe’s ability to recover and hold the room’s interest “a cappella”. Now I’m impressed with this super classy set of videos.

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