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Oklahoma now has a Route 66 license plate for motorcycles

The state of Oklahoma, effective last week, began to offer Route 66 license plates for motorcycle owners, and each purchase of one will benefit the Oklahoma Route 66 Association.

According to a news release from association executive director Marilyn Emde:

The final design is pending approval by the State. The design has a Route 66 shield to the left of the tag number and the words “The Mother Road” across the bottom of the plate.

Since this is a newly available plate, the State of Oklahoma requires a minimum of 100 prepaid plates before they will start the printing process.

Twenty dollars from the sale of each of these tags will come back to the Oklahoma Route 66 Association to help us in our endeavors to promote and preserve our beloved Route 66. The remainder of the fee goes to the State of Oklahoma.

This is good news from the association, but it seems odd the state is taking orders on a motorcycle license-plate design no one can see on the online order form. Fortunately, Emde sent a mockup of the proposed design that likely will be approved.

The order form for the license plate is here. The total cost for an original plate will be $38; replacement plates will be $36.50.

Illinois recently began offering a Route 66 license plate for motorcycles, as well.

Special Route 66 license plates for regular vehicles are officially available in ArizonaOklahomaMissouriIllinois and New Mexico. And Texas is testing the idea for a Route 66 license plate, too.

(Image of the proposed Oklahoma Route 66 motorcycle license plate courtesy of the Oklahoma Route 66 Association)


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