This is a listing of Route 66 campgrounds and RV parks I’ve compiled. It is not all-inclusive, but I tried to list the ones that are on historic Route 66 or within a mile or so. I haven’t stayed in any of these, so I cannot vouch for their quality. If you have suggestions, e-mail me at route66newssite(at)gmail(dot)com.

Also, Dan Kruse made this Google Map of many of the campgrounds listed below.

(updated May 18, 2022)




  • Riverside Park, 1/2 mile east of 66 on Hwy. 166, Baxter Springs, KS (620) 856-2114



New Mexico



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  1. Thanks, we are leaving Friday and this will be great!! We have been really looking for something like this!


  2. Don’t forget the KOA in Pomona, which, although not on the road, is the closest to the road in LA County. There’s also plenty of camping available north of the end of the road in Santa Monica along various beaches, plus camping in the San Gabriel and Santa Monica Mountains, both just north of 66. You may wish to check out camping locations in the Angeles and Los Padres National Forests.

    Scott Piotrowski, Director
    66 Productions

  3. Hi, We are the owners of the campground with the mural of Route 66 across Missouri called RVExpress RV Park 1469 Spur Drive Marshfield, MO 65706. 417 859-7837. Your site has an article entitled “New mural depicts Route 66” about the mural. We are less than ½ mile from where Route 66 comes through Marshfield, MO and were wondering if you could put in your “Campgrounds” section. We sell in our store Skip Curtis’s book “Route 66 Tour Guide” and the “Images of Route 66” by David Wickline. Thanks, Terry & Iwana Evans RVExpress RV Park 1469 Spur Drive Marshfield, MO 65706 417 859-4013

  4. thanks for taking the time to do this me and my wife two kids are doing route66 from chicargo to la in an rv so this will help loads thanks steve higham from manchester england

    1. Hello Steve,
      saw your comments on route 66 news website & have a q for you,
      We are a sml family from brisbane Australia wanting to do this same trip & wondered if you did do the trip And if you’ve got any handy tips for us, We plan to do the trip Sept/Oct 2011.
      Have been on internet and are a bit brain dead with all info, thought it would make sense to talk to someone who has done it,
      anything you can tell us would be great,
      Hope you don’t mind us doing this, thanks for taking time to read,
      Jenny & Trevor
      Brisbane, Australia.

  5. This sight I feel might help my son and group of his solder friends who are planning to hike Route 66 in 2012. There plans right now are to hike the route and place flags along the route in honor of fallen solders in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I see that this sight gives alot of camp grounds along the route. Do you add to the list what I see guest write in their comments area?

    I know they are talking about using this route to raise money for different organizations. They are hoping to get VFW, current military, military families, etc to maybe join them when they get to their area of the country. As you might be able to tell it still is in the planning stages, but this sight will be wonderful as a resource.

  6. is it possible to have Steve Highams e-mail address. We are planning to travel Route 66 in 2009 are are having trouble finding a company who will allow us to rent a RV one way. It looks like Steve has already done it!


    1. Hello Kay,
      did u get address for Steve about this trip, did you do this trip, we need help to do this trip the right way,
      any help would be much appreciated

  7. This is Great! Thanks.. We leave Aug 10th for the trip, rented a RV one way….and I was having trouble finding this kind of resource. Thanks Again!

  8. This is just what I have been looking for. Thanks for putting this site together.
    We hope to be on the road mid Sept.

  9. hello great job
    we are heading over from Ireland to do 66 in a rv but we are looking for insurance for the rv any ideas
    we bought the rv and will sell after the trip


  10. This is outstanding. We will be trailing RT 66 IL to CA Februray 2010. Have 3 wks to enjoy the route. And this helps alot. As we will be pulling our Vintage Holiday Rambler.

    Thanks Again

  11. Awesome! We’re taking the family from ABQ to Disneyland with kids and we’ll want to make a few stops in between. This is very helpful!

    1. That’s a good idea. I think I’ll do that in the new few days. However, a cursory glance indicates to me that nearly all of the RV parks listed are still operating.

  12. Camping in Sayre

    The City of Sayre Oklahoma has a very nice park that allows both tent and RV Camping. As of May 2010 it was 12.00 a night. It is located right off 66, as you are leaving town headed West. Just look for the golf course, and drive in!!

  13. Thank you for this information. It’s wonderful. I just traveled from Texas and decided to stay at the Lazy J RV Park you had listed. It wasn’t one of the biggest, but the owners, Richard and Jessie Mae, made me feel welcome. I especially loved the garden fresh tomatos and corn on the cob! Thank you again for making it possible for me to find this and other places like it. I’ll be sure to not leave home without your guide!

  14. I just booked an RV to do a trip from Chicago to LA during April. This is super helpful!! Thanks!!

  15. Hellow my name is Larry Watne Wright and I am have the historical Ride of Route 66 to celebrate the 66 Anniversary of WW2 I need help putting this to gether the ride is start ing California To CHICAGO the from CHICAGO TO INDIANA For AwARDS FOR THE WW2 VETS THIS RIDE IS TO RAISE MONEY FOR VETS IN NEED THE RIDE IS FROM NOVEMBER 1st UNTIL NOVEMBER 11th hopping to get 1 million people involved in the ride they can start in California of where ever route 66 is closes to them if you would like to help you can E-mail me or join me on FB at ouramericantroops@yahoo,com

  16. Thank you so much for keeping this site up and taking the time to update , we are planning a trip later this month to get our kicks 🙂

  17. I thank you so very much for your labors you have been most helpful and eventhouh I may not be able to hold it this year maybe in May we can do this I have to et the support of America first its starting to go that way its just going to take more time1 you are awesomwe have a reat evening and thanks so very much!!1 L. Wayne Wright!

  18. Hello this is Kenneth from England, have book to travel route 66 by RV in March – April for 3 week’s, would be interested to hear what are the good camp grounds to stay at for the 1 night before moving on to next camp ground, and what best places of interest to visit along route 66

      1. What I am looking for is RV campgrounds along route 66, and what is the law between states of route 66 for parking over night on the road or in car park’s what is Legal and what is not Legal if cannot find campground for parking over night Kenneth

  19. Hello!! This is Kenneth Stringer again from England, what I am asking does any one know where I can buy information on campgrounds along route 66, and for this information also to buy books of place to see and visit along route 66
    And if Carol Smeaton read’s this in what I have wrote, would she send her e/mail address to me

    1. I don’t know if anyone has answered you as of yet. But I have found two really good books I purchased online. They are EZ66 guide and Dining& Lodging guide. These books are from the National historic Rt 66 Federation. We also found a really nice 5 dvd set from the same place. We are leaving April 1 for our Rt 66 trip. We are traveling on a motorcycle pulling a motorcycle camper. We are so looking forward to this trip. Good luck !!

      1. Hello Mona Watkins.

        Maybe we might see you on route 66 for my Son and I Kennbeth for the RV we are hireing, seeing you will be on a motorcycle pulling camper on the back, maybe stop and meet for coffee some where, and thank you for the web site to look at

  20. hi this will come in handy 🙂 me an the boys are travelling route 66 in June cannot wait! weve got a big RV, is there any parts to avoid due to the size of the RV on route 66?? i was told theres a part of the grand canyon to avoid??

    1. Depending on the size of your RV, you might find the switchbacks on the road to Oatman, Ariz., to be challenging. However, RVs do make it down that road.

  21. hi,my husband n myself would love to do the route 66,but none off us drive!!i woz wondering if there woz a company that does the route some other way IE coaches or hiring a driver with own vehicle,i would be very grateful if u could give me some info,thanks for your time

  22. Hi we are from Australia and thinking about making this fantastic trip. Can anyone give me some idea of what the costs are in staying at these parks if we hire a RV?

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